The Refrigerator of Mt.Fuji ! There are two points to note in The Narusawa Hyoketsu Ice Cave !



The Narusawa Hyoketsu Ice Cave, a natural monument, takes 15 minutes by car from Kawaguchiko Station

(It takes 2 hours by bus from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko station and 2.5 hours by train)



by bus from Kawaguchiko station to Narusawa ice cave

(Bus Stop No.116 or  71)



When you present this coupon to a clerk, a 50 yen discount is given to the entrance fee.

Narusawa ice cave  official website


①Be careful about the fall down of the elderly and the child

Since it is a hole created by nature, there are places where the stairs are steep, or where you can not move forward unless you bend your knees or hips.

You can not enter the cave with your baby carry in arm or Piggyback.

Your pet must wait outside.

The steep stairs are getting slippery because it is wet with groundwater.

A steep staircase follows in both the ground and the ice cave.

You can borrow a helmet for free.

Boot boots can also be borrowed for free, so it is okay to come by high heels.

Management of facility is attentive, but the scaffold is not good as it is a rocky place that nature created.

There is also a place to walk about 5 meters as the height of elementary school student.

The Fuji Fugaku Wind Cave, about 10 minutes walking from The Narusawa Hyoketsu Ice Cave, is gentle sideways cave.

If you are with the elderly or a young child, I would recommend going to The Fuji Fugaku Wind Cave.


②Be sure to bring a jacket for the cold cave

Even in the summer, the temperature inside the cave is 0 ° C.

It is surrounded by both side ice.

It is difficult to stay for a long time unless you bring a coat of autumn and winter things in Narusawa ice hole

When entering the ice cave, it is better to wear a coat over the summer clothing.

You do not have a wear a perfect winter clothing.


I went without preparing, so I only stayed 5 minutes in the cave with short sleeve shirts and half pants.

(It takes about 30 minutes to see everything if it is crowded.)

Unfortunately you can not borrow blankets from the facility.



・If you are with the elderly or a young child, I would recommend going to The Fuji Fugaku Wind Cave.

・When entering the ice cave, it is better to wear a coat over the summer clothing.


The ice cave created by nature are magnificent.

I felt the ice cave and the surrounding forest are very mysterious.

I urge you to experience a natural refrigerator that you can go from Shinjuku in Tokyo in 3 hours.

○Extra edition

At that time people accumulated ice into the cave during the winter and in the summer they used ice a little at a time.

In the past, the cave was colder than it was now, so the groundwater froze.

Global warming reduced the ice in the cave. Currently the ice cave is reproduced.

The Well was used till around 1965. The surrounding residents were pumping underground water of the ice cave.

Ice was also the contribution to the Lord.

The ice  from the Narusawa ice cave

was carried by a horse

and, was dedicate to the lord of Edo (Tokyo).


There is a legend that “This hell hole is connected to Enoshima.”


“Ice pond”

Am I standing on the ice??

The ground is made entirely with ice !!

You can see this scenery at the exit. You may feel the sunlight from the rock is very wonderful.

I was meditating for about 10 minutes on the bench near the exit.



It is the Studio Ghibli world.

















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